Orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts and employee records are just some of the many paper-based documentation that are received and processed within the Retail Industry.

The filing, storage and retrieval of these paper-based documents take up time and often much-needed workspace. It’s not surprising that employees lose track of the big picture and feel frustrated with inefficient processes that impede their productivity.

Important documents are filed somewhere, but do you always know where you can quickly find them?

In today’s highly competitive Retail environment, innovative solutions such as Document Management Systems and automated Workflows are necessary to streamline processes and drive costs down within a business.

Our solution
Docuworx’s solution for invoice processing completely automates all your invoice workflow process, from receiving invoices and delivery notes to payment approvals and provides the capability to post invoices to your accounting or ERP or inventory system.

The solution combines modern process expertise with cloud and mobile platforms to eliminate the wasted time of manual processes and focus your employees on strategic, profit-driving tasks.

Match invoices to orders and delivery notes automatically, Docuworx independently captures the most important data from any document or invoice, such as suppliers, dates, invoice numbers, line items and amounts.

The completely indexed document is then automatically stored in the central document pool. This means that documents are immediately automatically stored upon receipt.

Authorized users can view them straight away, without having to wait for invoices to travel through the invoice authorization process. Documents can then be easily accessed any time from anywhere using devices including mobile smartphones with Apple or Android operating systems.

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