Using Purchase Order Software to Refine Business Processes

When an employee in a business needs to order something, it’s most likely they’ll fill out a purchase requisition document if a defined process is in place.


Once authorisation is obtained from a department head, the Purchasing or Finance Department will issue a purchase order, and this document is then sent to a supplier to request the order.


Without this type of process in place, how does a company manage and approve purchases?


  • Can any employee place an order without approval?
  • If there is a process in place, how is it managed with documents moving around the business?
  • How much time does it take?


Using Docuworx’s workflow tool, which has been specifically designed for purchase processes. there is no need for a physical or digital ‘document’ until the process is completed.


This saves valuable resources and allows for better collaboration.

If your processes include printing documents or sending emails to be authorised by approvers, we can help your business gain tighter control and visibility whilst enhancing efficiency, transparency and reducing risk.


The Benefits of Digitising Purchase Order Requisitions

  • Complete visibility from order request to delivery
  • Better collaboration and communication
  • A cleaner more structured order process
  • Greater control over who can order, what is ordered and from which supplier
  • Automated approval process, no more reliance on paper
  • Increased visibility from management
  • Integration with existing Finance software or ERP
  • Set limits on spend to departmental budgets
  • Three-way match Accounts Payable process