Many production facilities are overwhelmed with managing the growing piles of documentation that are involved in any single manufacturing process.

Letters, e-mails, accounting records and CAD plans which all have to be retained by law long term, can fill folders, binders and even entire rooms!

DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by managing documents in one central Document Pool. Documents are easily searchable and retrievable, where and when needed.

Engineering processes are complex and involve large volumes of documentation in varying formats that are shared between architects, designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.  DocuWare manages the flow of information including drawings, emails, invoices, contracts and other supporting documentation that is paramount to an efficient engineering process.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from DocuWare’s Document Management System and Automated Workflows. Reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

Automated Accounts Payable and Receivables Processes

  • Validate invoices for accuracy and use DocuWare self-learning intelligent indexing to match invoices with related purchase orders
  • Route invoices in a multi-step approval process, even supporting split code billing for multiple approvals
  • Directly import invoices to defined and easily searchable file structures
  • Dynamically handle exception-level approvals and reprocess rejected invoices
  • Automatically post approved invoice amounts directly back to the ERP system
  • Combine invoicing with release workflows (for example: Approving discounts)

With DocuWare, you can process invoices payable and receivable promptly, keep track of due dates and status changes, and significantly improve cash flow management.

  • Eliminate errors, delays and duplication of documents
  • Centralize training manuals and work instructions
  • Version control of procedures and records
  • Secure access to manufacturing quality records
  • Streamline document delivery and approval processes
  • Log all steps and actions electronically
  • Audit processes and systems easily

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