Fast and On Time Delivery: Document Management System

Streamlines Submission and Storage of Transportation Documentation

  • Accurately and electronically store a high volume of documents
  • Handle all communication and follow up for expired documentation
  • Simplify documentation submittal for owner- operators
  • Improve compliance with regulators
  • Reduce liability from missing documentation or damaged goods.

The transport industry is highly regulated, each driver and truck must store each daily manifest or driving log, hours of service documentation, and daily vehicle maintenance records.

In addition, transport companies are also required to store truck inspections and registration documents, as well as each driver’s records, license, applications, proof of medical insurance, vehicle insurance, to name a few.

  • Automated workflows, reminders and escalation alerts for drivers needing to send updated documentation
  • Mobile, simple smartphone-friendly document submission, including photos for POD’s
  • Total compliance and reduced liability

Accounts Receivable
Remove the guesswork from accounts receivable. Docuworx links related documents and information directly to the order process so you can generate invoices faster, immediately answer customer questions, and tightly track individual payments.

Webforms that transform paper-driven processes into automated paperless processes.

Digital Web Forms work seamlessly, empowering your business to:

  • Complete forms online or offline and submit them any time
  • Authenticate and sign forms officially without paper
  • Distribute and trigger workflows from anywhere as part of any process

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