Docuworx eliminates wasted time spent searching for documents

Docuworx captures, intelligently indexes, classifies, stores and then distributes paper and electronic documents to the right employees at the right time for fast, accurate decision-making.Docuworx accelerates processes through Automated Workflows, connecting documents, tasks and people across distributed offices and mobile team members.

Overcome the slow, manual drag of paper-based processes. Reclaim physical space lost to cumbersome storage and remove the costs of printing, shipping and physical archiving.

Docuworx integrates with ERP’s and Legal Practice applications to ensure data integrity across systems and provide a complete picture of Legal and Financial information.

  • Remove the risk and burden of paper-based information
  • Store all legal and financial documents in a legal, compliant fashion in one central document pool
  • Eliminate unnecessary searches by accessing documents and correspondence directly from your practice management software program
  • Records are easily searched for either current or historical documents
  • Restrict access to confidential documents

Automated accounts payable and receivable:  Have thousands of invoices and expense accounts of all different sizes, when an invoice is received, text fields are read, indexed and used as index entries. Additional index criteria are automatically filled in by pulling data from the external accounting database. The automated workflow then initiates approval processes and is completely synchronized with the accounting or ERP system.

Automated human resources: Documents such as application forms, handwritten notes, payslips and evaluations are indexed with a series of select lists linked to external databases, ensuring accurate index data and efficient document storage and retrieval.

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