Patients’ records easily accessible at the push of a button.

For public or private sector health care professionals, Docuworx Document Management Systems can store patient records in a central document pool for easy access and retrieval. Minimises the risk of important documentation being misplaced and increases security access.

Patient care improves and administrative tasks in hospitals, clinics and private practices are streamlined, improving productivity and efficiency.

A hospital of the future means more patients, shorter wait times, and better use of bed occupancy – all while meeting growing demands in quality. A critical part of this vision is finding the most modern Document Management and Automated Workflows System.

Docuworx tablet enabled E-forms and e-signature solutions integrate with ERP to provide seamless, portable user experience, eliminating the issue of lost informed consents, while reducing inefficiencies and saving significant paper costs.

Once forms are completed and electronically signed, they’re automatically integrated into patient charts in the medical records, and immediately available to clinicians, billing staff and other authorized hospital personnel.

Maximum efficiency is really only reached with when paper-based documents are fully integrated into the digital information flow.

  • Manage large scale sensitive patient records in one secure location
  • Tablet enabled eForms and eSignature Solutions.
  • Organize file structure of patient forms, notes, charts, billing and other documents
  • Scan and save patient insurance cards, consent forms and identifications
  • Search by any criteria; medical code, patient number, etc to easily access patient files
  • Automate new patient intake process and receive notifications
  • Avoid billing delays and errors
  • Comply with medical regulations
  • Convert paper documents into searchable digital documents
  • Reduce the need for storage of hard copy documents
  • Streamline electronic document delivery and approval processes

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