Docuworx delivers document management and workflow automation that set a new pace for productivity and business performance across all facets of corporate finance.

Docuworx drives AP, AR, procurement and other areas of digital workflow that automate the manual and paper-driven processes that slow operations to a crawl.

Our solution
Docuworx’s solution for invoice processing completely automates your invoice workflow process, from data capture to approvals and provides the capability to post invoices to your accounting or ERP system.

The solution combines modern process expertise with our no-compromise cloud and mobile platforms to eliminate the waste of manual processes and refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects.

Experts agree there are a few fundamental best practices.

Finance leaders have their eyes on both bottom-line expenses and top-line growth, so when they invest in workflow automation, they want to be sure that it provides true value and innovation for the company.

Shifting routine work from people to automated processes can save money, but simply replacing manual processes will not truly transform the organization. Workflow Automation can free up the finance team to focus on strategic initiatives to move the business forward while improving accuracy and enhancing visibility throughout the organization.

Finance chiefs who successfully lead their company’s innovation efforts will raise their profile as visionary thinkers and execution leaders within their organization.

  • You can only improve what you measure.
  • Control documents electronically within regulatory requirements.
  • Secure sensitive documents and manage access level in one centralized repository
  • Access important documents instantly
  • Automate review and approval process, receive notifications
  • Reduce risk and increase accuracy of financial transactions
  • Review audit trails, logging and ensure legal compliance
  • Convert paper documents into easily searchable digital documents
  • Reduce the need for storage
  • Streamline document delivery and approval process

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