Eliminate the need to physically store documents with Education Organisations

Implement secure, tamper-free electronic document storage • Reduce document search and retrieval time

Finance and Human Resources are departments that, because of their large volume of records, benefit greatly from our Document Management System.

Finance departments have thousands of invoices and purchase orders of all different sizes. When a purchase invoice is received, text fields are read and indexed from the document and used as index entries. Additional index information is automatically filled in by pulling data from the external accounting database. The automated workflow then initiates approval processes and is completely synchronized with the accounting system.

Human Resource documents such as application forms, handwritten notes, payslips and evaluations are indexed with a series of select lists linked to external databases, ensuring accurate index data and efficient document storage and retrieval.

Docuworx document security features ensure only personnel with specific access rights can view confidential information, conforming to strict compliance rules.

Student Records can store student records and exams. Exams are indexed similar to the financial documents, only this time Docuworx may be linked to a third- party student record system, to fully index and automatically store the documents. Any exceptions are tracked and dealt with accordingly.

  • Accounts Payable and approval process across multiple departments/faculties
  • Handle large volumes of student and teacher records
  • Maintain all educational records in one secure location
  • Structure organization of applications, transcripts, diplomas, etc.
  • Increase speed of student applications and review processes
  • Track financial aid process and disbursement
  • Search admissions, financial aid and student records instantly
  • Control access and flow of documents handled by administrators
  • Remote access for off-campus staff and on-demand access for leadership
  • Share information and access amongst all departments
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs of education administration
  • Reduce the need for storage of hard copy documents
  • Convert paper documents into searchable digital text format
  • Student bill back of printing costs

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