Reduce the burden of paper with Docuworx Document Management System

Organizations, regardless of industry, process vast amounts of documents in both digital and paper form. In fact, the average worker alone uses 10,000 sheets of paper, annually. Apply this statistic to an organization of 100 or 500 employees and we quickly begin to appreciate the volume of documents moving through organizations. It means intelligent document management can save one tree per worker per annum.

Docuworx’s Document Management System is the first step in creating a paperless office and will rid you of paper inefficiencies:

  • You spend less time searching for files — a cumbersome and time-consuming task — and more time on high-value work because you can now easily organize and find content
  • You no longer have to create multiple versions of the same document for distribution. Instead, you can store a master copy in a central location for easy access
  • Beyond the actual cost of paper — distributing, filing, and storing paper is expensive. Digitizing internal paper-based systems will reduce printing and operational cost.
  • Moving paper is slow, but with Docuworx you streamline your internal and external processes

Better compliance and security

Securing business-critical information is crucial for business continuity and ensures you don’t “sour” a relationship with a client by losing sensitive customer data.

Looking to embark on your digital transformation?