Switching to Digital Signatures with Docuworx

The value of digital signatures is becoming more and more recognised.

Organisations looking to implement secure electronic interactions such as forms, contracts, financial documents, emails or any digital documents requiring signatures need the right software to make it happen.

Docuworx provides businesses with the safest and easiest way to obtain electronic signatures.

The different signature methods can be combined in order to adapt to the needs of teams and individuals and can be integrated with document management software to feed into existing digital processes.

Digital signatures are more commonly considered equal to physical signatures when the correct measures are in place.

Enlisting technology improves the speed of auditing, provides smoother turnaround on contract completion, as well as reducing the associated costs.

Digital signatures can be used internally or externally with suppliers and clients. They give the ability to sign multiple documents remotely utilising two-factor authentications for security.


The Benefits

  • Legally binding and compliant
  • Used in face-to-face meetings or remote scenarios
  • No printing or paper required, increasing savings
  • Full transparency of all signature-based processes within the organisation
  • Space-saving, thanks to secure digital storage
  • Easy integration with existing software
  • Provides direct access to your documents
  • Two-factor authentication process
  • Guarantee of file integrity
  • Faster and Safer