The Solution?

  • Capturing and Storing: Easily capture and process documents from a variety of sources such as scanners and printers and store these documents in one central repository
  • Classify and sort: Large volumes of documents structured or semi-structured.
  • Extract useful data: Including line items.
  • Validate data: Against business rules.
  • Route Documents: For approvals in one easy step.
  • Control access and security: Set smart rules to control who has rights to access certain documents — particularly useful for documents of confidential nature
  • Indexing and retrieving: Index documents automatically for easy tracking and retrieval. Documents can be Indexed in a variety of ways.
  • Sharing: Share any documents safely across multiples systems without fear of loss
  • Collaborating: Collectively work on documents while avoiding multiple versions
  • Business intelligence: Manage, organize and access business-critical records and information
  • Integration: Our Systems have workflow modules and can integrate with other systems to automate processes and reduce inefficiencies.

The Result?

  • Greater efficiency: Reduce processing time and errors.
  • Better process visibility: Increase understanding of your business for executives, managers, staff, vendors and partners.
  • Streamlined auditability: Delve deep into operations and uncover potential risks that could impact success
  • Improved Service: Enhance your employee and customer experiences and differentiate yourself in the market

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