A large number of documents and drawings are exchanged throughout the planning and building phases of property & construction projects.

The coordination and access to all paper-based documents relating to any project is tedious and extremely time-consuming, costing companies large amounts of money in lost productivity.

Docuworx’s Document Management System is the first step in creating a paperless office and will rid you of paper inefficiencies:

  • You spend less time searching for files — a cumbersome and time-consuming task — and more time on high-value work because you can now easily organize and can easily find any document on any project anytime from anywhere. Works on any mobile device on both Mac and Android operating systems.
  • You no longer have to create multiple versions of the same document for distribution. Instead, you can store a master copy in one central location for easy access.
  • Beyond the actual cost of paper — distributing, filing, and storing documents is expensive. Digitizing internal paper-based systems will reduce printing and operational cost.
  • Moving paper is slow, but with Docuworx you streamline all your internal and external processes.

Internal standards and procedures manuals, CAD & CAM files, emails and correspondence, record photographs, systems documentation, operating manuals and health and safety files all need to be managed efficiently to ensure the smooth progress of each project.

With Docuworx, critical information is stored and managed in one central document pool; reducing storage space and costs and easing the flow of data throughout the entire business.

For the accounts, detailed job code indexing on invoices makes finding data quick and easy, allowing information to get to the right person faster so better decisions can be made.

With Automated Workflows in place, the accounting staff can now monitor the invoice approval process, following up when an invoice has not been returned for payment.

This audit trail improves internal controls by increasing accountability and productivity, in turn, resulting in efficient cash management.

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