Improving Accounts Payable Processes with Docuworx


Digitising and automating the accounts payable process is essential for organisations of any size that are looking to improve efficiency and transparency within their Finance Department.


Finance teams across all industries experience the same challenges through lack of efficiency: missed invoices; duplicate payments and excessive time required to check and process invoices manually.


Issues like these have no place in modern finance departments and can be resolved easily through the simple use of digital invoice capture and workflow automation.


How can Docuworx help you save time and reduce risks in accounting processes?


  • Financial documents such as invoices are stored in one centralised document management pool which, authorised users can access any time from any location.
  • Invoices are part of the process and so can be linked to other documents such as Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Contracts, Photos and Drawings.
  • Integration with your existing Finance software or ERP system can streamline the accounts payable process further, providing clear transparency and reducing any wasted time rekeying data.
  • The result is that invoices are captured, validated, approved and reviewed efficiently and without compromise with our Docuworx AP solution.


The Benefits of Automating AP Processes


  • Each invoice number can enter the system only once, meaning no duplications of documents or payments.
  • Email invoices are automatically captured, removing the need to manually enter the data from printed invoices.
  • All documents are immediately accessible, meaning nothing gets lost or missed during audits.
  • Approvers’ workloads are reduced, giving them more time to focus on high-value tasks rather than sifting through endless paperwork or emails.
  • If not approved on time, invoices are automatically redirected to the next in line.
  • Quicker processes mean time saved, and because labour is expensive, time is money.